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Course Syllabus:    314 Biology

Grade:    9                         Instructor: Mr. Lawrence Wineke III

Office:  Room 121             Office Hours: Posted schedule in room 121

Course Description:  This course will introduce the student to the world of living organisms and their relationship to their environment.  Basic concepts will be stressed, beginning with a study of cell biology and development of laboratory skills.  The student will be taken through the kingdoms of living things from the cell, to plants, animals and an in-depth study of man.  All the major systems of the body will be covered.  Laboratory experience will include some animal dissections.   Included in this study will be topics such as heredity, chemistry, and the anatomical and physiological development of humans.

Textbook:    Biology The Study of Life.  Schraer and Stoltze. 7th edition.  Prentice Hall, 1999

Course Goals and Objectives: The Study of Life is designed to help students:

  1. Understand major biological concepts.
  2. Understand the characteristics that are unique to human beings and those that are shared with other living systems.
  3. Understand the role, place, and interactions of humans in the biosphere.
  4. Understand the personal, social, and ethical implications of biology and biotechnology.
  5. Appreciate the diversity of living systems.
  6. Demonstrate mastery of the processes of scientific inquiry.
  7. Understand that science is a way of knowing and that technology.
  8. Accept and use educational technology.
  9. Use such cognitive skills as critical thinking, problem solving, and ethical analysis.

Attendance: Required to be in the classroom on time, all the time. No tardiness will be accepted and your grade will be affected. The student is responsible for all assignments that he may miss if absent. I do have a web page called " The Wizard". The address is: Many important things may be found out from The Wizard.

Rules and Regulations:

Conduct: Act towards others, as you would like others to act towards you. Respect everyone and their property.

Copying of work: Do Not Do IT!  Your grade will be a zero if you do.

Cheating: Do Not Do IT! A grade of zero will be given and this will probably cause you to fail this course.  Consult Calvert Hall Student Handbook for details.

Detentions:  Private - staying after school with your seminar teacher.   General -attending a structured detention with the Dean of Students.

Lab Safety is a must at all times.  Goggles and aprons must be worn when advised by the teacher.

Materials Needed: Red and black or blue pens, # 2 pencils, ruler, loose-leaf paper, 3 ring binder, lab apron and approved goggles, 3 " floppy disks (2), Zip 100 disk (1).

Course Outline:

Unit 1  Introduction to Biology                          Chapters      1 - 7

Unit 2  Animal Maintenance                              Chapters      8 -16

Unit 3  Plant Maintenance                                 Chapters      17 - 19

Unit 4  Reproduction and Development            Chapters      20 24

Unit 5 Genetics                                                    Chapters      25 - 27

Unit 6  Evolution                                                  Chapters      28 - 29

Unit 7 Diversity of Living Things                        Chapters      30 - 36

Grading System: The semester average will be calculated by using a point system.  This will be 80 % of your semester grade.  Semester Exams: Count for 20 % of the semester average.

Lectures: There will be one lecture per cycle and the student is required to take notes in an organized method.

Seminars: It would be to the student's benefit, to participate in class by contributing worthwhile comments that relate to the material covered at that time. Take notes.

Homeworks:  Each student should use Microsoft Word program when doing his homework for 314 Biology and put these assignments on a 3 1/2 floppy of a Zip 100 disk which are IBM compatible.

                Video Reviews are to be a one to two pages typed summary.  A quiz may be given.

A Semester Project will be assigned as a long-term project. Specific instructions will be given to the student during seminar classes.

Lab Experiments: A lab day will be assigned to each section. We will conduct various types of experiments, dissections and identifications.

Lab Equipment: At all times, the student must have a safe attitude when using any type of equipment in the lab setting.

Lab Reports: Each experiment or activity will be graded. The student will follow a specific written / typed format for each report.

Testing: The student will be tested in lectures and seminars. Quizzes may be given at any time. Daily study will prepare the student for success. Types of questions will be multiple choice, true and false, fill in the blank, short answers, essays, matching and oral explanations.

Accu Scan answer sheets will be used for tests and semester exams.   The student must make marks within the oval/rectangular areas and not make marks in any other area.  Circling question numbers, stray marks or poorly erased answers may cause that answer to be marked incorrect.  This will stand as an incorrect answer and the student will not have the opportunity to correct it after the test answer sheet has been collected, graded and his percentage calculated.

Make Up Work: Work may be made up only if the absence is excused by the school administration.

Extra Credit: There is none.

Room 121 Computer Usage: Ask permission from Mr. Wineke before using them.

School - Wide Computer Usage: There are certain rules to follow in each of these areas; Room 105, Room 107, Library and The Media Center. Please be aware of these various policies.

Internet Usage: The school policy will be followed. Consult the Calvert Hall Student Handbook for details.

Academic Assistance is upon request, either before or after school.  Feel free to ask me for help at anytime.

Field Trips: We may be able to take a field trip during the Fall or Spring semester. There will be a cost for admission, food and transportation. A report will be submitted and a grade given.

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