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324 Introduction to Physics and Chemistry

Second Semester

2002 2003

Teacher:  Mr. Larry Wineke


During the second semester you will learn about Chemistry and Chemical Reactions.  Experiments will be performed and safety is a priority.  Goggles and aprons MUST be worn during each lab activity.  Expect to move at a more rapid pace this semester.


Grading:  point system ( 80 % )


Testing:  You will NOT be allowed to use notes or the textbook during tests this semester.  Each chapter will be tested using the same format from the first semester

( MC, T/F, and Word Bank style questions ).


Exam: A comprehensive test counting for 20 % of second semester average.


Lab work:            Experiments will be an important part of your grade this semester.  Additional Internet research about the experiments will be required and collected.  Each report must be typed using the scientific method format.


Homework:            Consult the first semester syllabus homework assignment sheet.  All homework answers are required to be typed and will be collected on Day 6 of the Cycle.  After viewing videos, a one page typed summary is required and will be collected the next seminar / lecture day of that Cycle.


Course Topics:            As you read each chapter take additional notes.  Keep all notes in a notebook.


Ch.         Title


6                                Properties of Matter

7                                Atoms, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

8                                Introduction to the Periodic Table

19                            Chemical Bonding

20                            Chemical Reactions

21                            Solution Chemistry

22                            Carbon Compounds and Chemistry of Life

23                            Nuclear Chemistry

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