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324 IPC

2001 - 2002

Fall Exam Study Guide

Mr. L. Wineke


The student should be able to explain thoroughly the following stated topics from each chapter.


Chapter 1            SI Units, scientific method, mass, weight, scientific notation, dimensional analysis, conversion factor, graphing, circle, line, bar


Chapter 2            frame of reference, measuring motion, constant speed, average speed, acceleration, delta velocity, deceleration, centripetal acceleration, energy of motion, P.E., K.E., gravity and energy, balanced forces and unbalanced forces, all formulas


Chapter 3            Force and gravity, friction, types of friction, falling objects, terminal velocity, projectile motion, curve balls, three laws of motion, inertia, momentum, centripetal force, circular motion, all formulas


Chapter 4            Pressure, area, force, fluids, pressure and atmosphere, pressure and ocean, Buoyancy and forces, Icebergs and buoyancy, Archimedesí principle ( boat floating ), Density and buoyancy, airfoil, lift, thrust, drag, weight, gravity, how and airplane flies?, How a kite flies?, all formulas and their units


Chapter 5            Work, measuring work, units of work, joule, power, measuring power, watt, J/s, work and machines, 6 simple machines, M.A., Mechanical Efficiency, Incline planes, three classes of levers, M.A. of levers, wheel and axle, M.A. of wheel and axle, types of pulleys, M.A. of pulleys, screw, wedge, compound machines, all formulas and their units

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