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Chapter 2  Hit Counter

Motion and Energy

2.1 Motion

Frame of reference

motion depends on observer’s frame of reference

An Earth Event

A Space Event


Measuring Motion

Speed - distance an object travels in a certain amount of time

Velocity speed and direction of an object’s motion

Constant Speed - equal distances are covered in an equal amount of time.

Average Speed - equal to the distance divided by total time.

Practice problems page 36


Relativity and Space-Time

Calculating Sunlight Travel Time

Motion Changes with the Times

Science and Technology



2.2 Acceleration

Change in Velocity


positive acceleration

negative acceleration

change in direction

A Racer’s acceleration

Practice problems page 42


Motion in a circle

Centripetal acceleration


Science and Society

Skid - Mark Evidence

Life Science Link, pg. 44 of textbook


2.3 Energy of Motion

Energy and Change

Potential energy

G.P.E. = mgh

Kinetic Energy

K.E. = mv 2


Conservation of Energy

Law of Conservation of Energy

Gravity and Energy

a rock slide


Science and Technology

Great Potential

Water wheel



Activity 2

How can you change the speed of a rocket ?

Pre Lab

Data Record

Table speed measurements




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