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First Semester Notebooks



Part ONE: The Solid Earth

Chapter Topics and Objectives and Notes

1     Minerals: Building Blocks of Rocks

2     Rocks: Materials of the Lithosphere

3     Weathering, Soil, and Mass Wasting

4     Running Water and Groundwater

5     Glaciers, Deserts, and Wind

6     Earthquakes and Earth's Interior

7     Plate Tectonics

8     Igneous Activity

9     Mountain Building

10   Geological Time

11   Earth History: A Brief Summary

Second Semester Notebooks

12   Ocean Waters and the Ocean Floor

13   The Restless Ocean

14   Composition, Structure, and Temperature

15   Moisture

16   Air Pressure and Wind

17   Weather Patterns and Severe Storms

18   Climate

19   Earth's Place in the Universe

20   Touring Our Solar System

21   Light, Astronomical Observations, and the Sun

22   Beyond Our Solar System

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