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Chesapeake Bay Topics

Chesapeake Bay Nature of the Estuary: A Field Guide

The Nature of the Estuary

   A Stressful Environment

    Estuarine Productivity

    Nursery Grounds

    Wetlands and Wildlife

    Physical Characteristics of The Chesapeake Bay

Geological History and Sediments

    Life and Death of The Estuary

    Erosion and Sedimentation

    Salinity Zones

Salinity, Tides, and Circulation

    Water is the Lifeblood

    Freshwater Input




    Retention Time

Ecology of The Bay

    Fresh and Saltwater Meet

    Limiting Factors

    Bay Communities


        Submerged Grass Beds




 Energy Flow

I.  The Rivers and Tributaries

Chapter Pages Homework
Freshwater Swamps 27 - 54  
Freshwater Tributaries and Adjoining Freshwater Marshes 55 - 76  
Estuarine Rivers and Associated Brackish Marshes 77 -96  

II.  The Bay and Its Marshes and Shores

Chapter Readings Homework
Fresh Bay Marshes 97 - 116  
Brackish Bay Marshes 117 - 132  
Salt Marshes 133 - 150  
Beaches and Tidal Flats 151 - 160  
Shallow Water Habitats 161 - 176  
Deep, Open Water 177 - 196  

Appendix:  Refer to this section for a complete understanding of;

Migrating Patterns and Life Cycles

Anadromous Pathway, American shad ( p. 185 ) 201
Feeding Grounds, Bluefish ( p. 185 ) 202
Nursery Area. Atlantic croaker ( p. 186 ) 202
Life Cycle within the Estuary, White perch ( p. 85 ) 203
Life Cycle of the Blue Crab ( pp. 84, 167, and 182 ) 203

Other Resources:

Life in The Chesapeake Bay

Chapter Topic


Ecology of The Chesapeake Bay
2 Sand Beaches
3 Intertidal Flats
4 Piers, Rocks, and Jetties
5 Shallow Waters
6 Seagrass Meadows and Weed Beds
7 Marshes
8 Oyster Bars
9 Deeper, Open Waters

Discovering the Chesapeake Edited by Curtin, Brush, and Fisher

The Chesapeake Ecosystem - Its Geological Heritage
Climate and Climate History in the Chesapeake Bay Region
Forests before and after the Colonial Encounter
Human Influence on the Physical Characteristics of The Chesapeake Bay
A Long-Term History of Terrestrial Birds and Mammals in The Chesapeake-Susquehanna Watershed
Living along the " Great Shellfish Bay "

  The Relationship between prehistoric peoples and The Chesapeake

Human Biology of Populations in the Chesapeake  Watershed
A Useful Arcadia

  European Colonists as Biotic factors in Chesapeake Forests

Reconstructing the Colonial Environment of the Upper Chesapeake Watershed
Human Influences on Aquatic Resources in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Land Use, Settlement Patterns, and The Impact of European Agriculture, 1620 - 1820
Chesapeake Gardens and Botanical Frontiers
Genteel Erosion

  The Ecological Consequences of Agrarian Reform in the Chesapeake, 1730 - 1840

Farming, Disease, and Change in the Chesapeake Ecosystem
Bird Populations of the Chesapeake Bay Region 350 Years of Change

Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Chesapeake Bay by Dave Winegar

The Natural History of The Chesapeake Bay
Geological Time Scale
Great Shellfish Bay
What is an Estuary?
     Fall lines
Natural Communities of The Chesapeake Bay
     Tidal Marsh
          Tidal Freshwater Marsh
          Brackish Marsh
          Salt Marsh
     Intertidal Zone
     Shallow water and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation ( SAV )
     Oyster Bar
     The Blue Crab
     Deep Water
State of The Bay
     The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
     Chesapeake Bay Program
     The Environmental Protection Agency
     So Where Do We Stand ?
          Urban Sprawl
          Loss of Habitat
      Hope for the Future
Mouth of The Bay
The Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck
Southern Maryland
Central Maryland
Head of The Chesapeake
The Eastern Shore:  Maryland
The Eastern Shore:  Virginia

Turning The Tide by Tom Horton and William M. Eichbaum

Part I      The Chesapeake Ecosystem
                1.  Rethinking the Bay
Part II     State of The Bay
                2.  Pollution
                3.  Harvests
                4.  Resilience
                5.  The Ultimate Issue:  People
Part III  Lessons and Recommendations
                6.  Four Key Battles
                7.  Recommendations
Appendix A:  State of The Bay 1998
Appendix B:  Chesapeake Bay Timeline
Appendix C:  The Clean Water Act
Appendix D:  The Clean Air Act

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