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349 MBCB  Challenge Questions  Chapter 10  Symbiotic Relationships

Research the following questions and answer them thoroughly.


1.      Support or refute this metaphor:  The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, is a gardener.  Discuss


2.      How are anemone fish capable of hiding in the stinging tentacles of their hiosts without being stung?  Provide, in your essay, a brief review of the experimental evidence that supports this view.


3.      In what ways are the symbiotic algae passed from one generation to the next?


4.      What happens to the coral-algae symbiosis when the coral are starved?  Discuss.


5.      What is coral bleaching?  Discuss this phenomenon in relation to global warming.


6.      Why are there fewer symbiotic relationships in freshwater than in marine systems?  Speculate.