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349 MBCB  Challenge Questions  

Chapter 4   Deep-Sea Biology

Research the following questions and answer them completely.


1.                  Discuss the problems associated with sampling the deep sea.  How has technology advanced our understanding of the deep sea by improving sampling?  Discuss.


2.                  Discuss the effects of pressure on deep-sea organisms.


3.                  Fish that live in the abyssal and hadal zones often possess reduced eyes or lack them altogether.  Why is this so?  Discuss


4.                  Explain how dimorphic eyes function.


5.                  Summarize the general characteristics of deep-sea animals.  As part of your answer offer two characteristics that they possess regarding their reproduction, development, physiology, and ecology.


6.                  What particular challenges does the deep sea present to those who would explore it?  Discuss.


7.                  Are organisms in the deep-sea benthos food limited or predator limited?  Discuss.


8.                  Why is bioluminescence called cold light?  How can light be cold?  After all, if you grab onto a 100-watt light bulb that has been on for awhile itís hot!


9.                  What is an opportunistic predator?  Opportunistic herbivore?  What is meant by the term ď resource partitioning ď ?