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349 MBCB  Challenge Questions

Chapter 9  Tropical Communities

Research the following questions and answer them completely.


1.                  Review the two type of coral predators( grazers and coral destroyers ), and discuss the significance of their impact on the coral reef.


2.                  Many coral reef fish are conspicuously colored.  Discuss the functions that such an advertisement might serve.


3.                  What sorts of animals comprise the so-called cryptofauna and how are they important to the coral reef ecosystem?


4.                  What is ENSO and of what significance is it to coral reefs in the Pacific and Caribbean?


5.                  Where are coral reefs found in the world’s oceans?  Explain why they are found there.


6.                  Of what do coral reefs consist?  What is the major reef-building organism?


7.                  What are the major reef-destroying factors?


8.                  What are zooxanthellae?  Summarize their importance to coral reefs.


9.                  Discuss how micr0-atolls develop.


10.              Why are there so many different types of coral reef fishes?  Where are there fewer species of coral reef fishes in the Atlantic Ocean than in the Pacific?


11.              Of what interest are the coral reefs to the pharmaceutical industry?


12.              How does the Theory of Plate Tectonics help to explain coral atolls?


13.              Why are mangroves shallowly-rooted and not deeply-rooted plants?


14.              Compare how mangroves and coastal estuaries can be a kind of nursery for shrimp, crabs, and fishes.


15.              How have corals been used in human reconstructive bone surgery?