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2004 Ė 2005



Fundamentals of Oceanography and The Chesapeake Bay


Instructor:      Lawrence E. Wineke III

Office:             Room 121

Hours:             Open Door Policy


Textbooks:     Fundamentals of Oceanography by Alison B. Duxbury / Alyn C. Duxbury

                        WCB McGraw-Hill, 3rd Edition.  ISBN 0-697-37453-X


                        Chesapeake Bay,  A Field Guide:  Nature of the Estuary by Christopher P. White.  Tidewater.


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Course Description:   During the first semester the student will use the basic principles of Oceanography to study the interactions and interrelationships of the oceanís environments.  Emphasis will be given to the History of  Oceanography, The Geology of the Earth, Plate Tectonics, Sea Floor Characteristics and Make Up, Water and itís Components, Air and the Oceans, Circulation Patterns, and Ocean Currents, Waves and Tides.

            In the second semester the student will utilize his acquired knowledge while investigating several aspects and concerns about the Chesapeake Bay.  Areas of concern are: Coasts, Estuaries and Environmental Issues, Oceanic Environment and Production, Life in the Water, and Life on the Sea Floor.  A better understanding of the development, impact and changes that have occurred throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed during itís existence, especially the present will be explored.

The course format will consist of lectures, seminars, video reviews, long term project, activities, and possible fieldtrips.

Guidelines and Rules:  Follow all the Calvert Hall policies and all will go well.  No late work will be accepted and a grade of zero will be given to the student.  If the student is absent, the missed classwork, notes, assignments must be made up within the time frame allotted by Mr. Wineke.

Retreat Absence:       You must inform Mr. Wineke when you are going to be on Senior retreat.  If any tests or assignments are completed during the time of this retreat absence, the student must make all the work up.

Absence due to vacations:  Not acceptable.  Must be approved by CHC Administration.

CHEATING or copying of anotherís work will receive a grade of zero ( 0 ) and may cause the student to fail this course.

Classwork and Homework:    Listed on my web page will be important information that you will need to review frequently.  Daily schedule of lesson topics will be available for your planning and preparation for evaluative testing.  You will find homework / project assignments and testing dates listed on the CHC homework site.

Notebooks:  Notes must be taken to be successful in this course.  Keep a neat and thorough notebook.   There will be an evaluation of your notebook.

Evaluation:     20 % Semester Exam

                        80 % Semester Work

Fieldtrips:       There are several possibilities for fieldtrips.  Any cost for the trips will be paid for by the student, which includes transportation, food and admission.  There are several CHC forms that must be filled out before a student will be permitted to attend the fieldtrip.  The forms must be returned on specific dates set by Mr. Wineke.  These trips will be part of the grade for this course.  They may occur in the first and / or second semesters.

Semester Projects:     Projects are an important aspect of learning in this course and the student will be required to complete investigative research and present the findings to the class.  Details will be explained in seminar.


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