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Summer School

Calvert Hall College

Make a Difference:  Investigate the World of Science

Course:  Introduction To Physics and Chemistry

Dates:  June 23 through July 25

Course Guidelines:

    1. Be on time to class. A late penalty will be imposed for tardiness.  Attendance is required for each class throughout this 5 week course.
    2. Turn in all homework assignments on time and neatly done and identified.
    3. Pass each quiz, which may be given at anytime.
    4. Successfully pass each Test at the end of each week.
    5. Complete and present a power point project.
    6. 70 % is the minimum passing grade.
    7. Your grade will be calculated on a total points system.
    8. Be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone at all times.
    9. Keep a notebook which will include all science notes, handouts, homework, assignments and tests.
    10. Homework will be assigned daily.

Do your part as a student and you will deserve to pass and receive proper credit for success. A passing grade will not be automatic just because you attend summer school

Course Outline:

Week One  June 23 - June 27

Week Two  June 30 -July 4

Week Three  July 7 - July 11

Week Four  July 14 - July 18

Week Five July 21 - July 25

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