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Biology Notes: " Journals "

Regular basis

Many purposes

Record data, notes, progress reflection, question responses

Permanent record of work


Complete journals = value

Spiral notebook

Graph paper


Major ways to use the Journal

  1. Recording Data
  2. Accurate data

    Neat, organized, accurate observations

    Use a pen

    Diary form

    Entry date

    Brief, but to the point data

    More than a single word

    Drawings = data too


    Use a hard pencil

    Labels are clear

    Record numerical data in form of a table

    Include units: degrees, kg, m, lbs., seconds, etc.

    Put in journal

    This journal is your book not someone else’s. So keep it neat as possible.

    Lab work will be done in groups. You will be a member of this group and your data must be written in your book. Identify others data by a different color code.

  3. Responding to Questions
  4. Record activity title and date of answers.

    Number each response.

    Record the question if it helps you learn.

    Indicate the kind of respond: individual or by a group.

    Write your answers in complete sentences.

  5. Taking Notes
  6. Always begin with the date

    Source of information

    Change lines for each new idea

    Group related ideas under broad headings to remember how they are connected.

    Write down enough words about the idea so you can later understand what the notes mean.

    Take notes at all times during discussions, seminar / lecture notes, and even your readings. This may help you absorb the material better.

    Use information in your journal to prepare for class and tests / quizzes.

    Use the journal to complete assessment activities.

  7. Keeping Track of Your Questions
  8. Jot down questions as you read or anything that you may be confused about in your journal. This helps you remember at a later date what you need to find out.

    Sometimes this technique will help you answer your own questions.

  9. Keeping Track of Your Responsibilities
  10. Put your classwork and homework assignments that you will copy from " The Wizard " in the journal.

    Declare when the assignment is due and if you have accomplished it.

  11. Using Your Journal during Assessment

You may have your journal collected at various times during the assessment periods.

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