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Appendix A:  Care and Use of the Microscope

Appendix B:  Safety in the Laboratory

Appendix C:  Humane Treatment of Animals

Appendix D:  Careers in Biology

Appendix E:  The SI System of Measurement

Journals:  How to keep a notebook.


Ch. 1 The Nature of Life

Ch. 2 Biology as a Science

Ch. 3 Basic Chemistry

Ch. 4 Chemical Compounds of Life

Vocabulary Review:  The Chemical Basis of Life

Ch. 5 The Cell  

Ch. 6 Cellular Respiration

Ch. 7 Classification of Living Things

Ch. 8 Nutrition

Ch. 9 Transport

Ch. 10 The Blood and Immunity


Ch. 11 Gas Exchange

Ch. 12 Excretion

Ch. 13 Support and Locomotion

Ch. 14 Nervous Regulation

Ch. 15 The Human Nervous System

Notes " The Human Brain "

Ch. 16 Chemical Regulation

Ch. 17 Plant Nutrition

Ch. 18 Plant Structure

Ch. 19 Plant Function

Ch. 20 Mitosis and Asexual Reproduction

Ch. 21 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction

Ch. 22 Animal Behavior

Ch. 23 Human Reproduction

Ch. 24 Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Ch. 25 Mendelian Genetics

Ch. 26 Modern Genetics

Ch. 27 Applied Genetics

Ch. 28  Evidence of Evolution

Ch. 29 The Modern theory of Evolution

Ch. 30  Bacteria, Protists, and Viruses

Ch. 31 Fungi and Plants

Ch. 32 Invertebrates - Sponges to Mollusks

Ch. 33 Invertebrates - Arthropods and Echinoderms

Ch. 34 Vertebrates - Fishes to Reptiles

Ch. 35 Vertebrates - Birds and Mammals

Ch. 36 Behavior

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